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Graceson Housing HOPE Program

If you need help or housing now,  please contact our HOPE Program Director at 509-309-7155




Each teenage mother coming into the program has already survived various obstacles in her life and we are excited to honor her as a survivor. Through this first piece of the HOPE program basic needs are met, which will equip her to function outside of survival mode. Each young family will receive safe housing, a room to call their own, food, clothing and other basic necessities. 

Circle of Friends

No one is able to maneuver life alone and it is common for individuals to find support within friend groups. Through this branch of the program, teenage mothers will find support from positive friend circles. Teenage mothers will live with house parents which encourage healthy habits and lifestyles. Each mother will be provided the opportunity to engage in support groups as well as gain further knowledge from a mentor. 

Matters of the Heart

GraceSon was founded out of a desire to provide grace and unconditional love. As part of our core belief, Christ is the foundation of this. Opportunities will be provided to engage in Bible studies, group discussions and support groups/classes. 

Everyday Living

Part of the HOPE program is to equip teenage mothers to be successful beyond the walls of GraceSon. This means learning practical life skills as well as completion of her education. Teenage mothers will be provided education support, hygiene, health, budgeting, and nutrition, to name a few.  


Teenage mothers have a lot to learn, regardless of the age. But juggling high school and raising a child can make things more complicated. At GraceSon, teenage mothers will be supported and encouraged while learning how to maneuver this new life. She will also be provided an opportunity to engage in parenting classes. 


Each teenage mothers will be provided an opportunity to learn job readiness skills, find support while looking for employment and career counseling. 

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