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Graceson Housing HOPE Program

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Meeting Basic Needs

This first and most essential program we call “Survivor.” 

We desire to help the teen mom escape from a life of chaos and daily survival, into an environment of safety and security.  This will allow our young moms to begin focusing on the higher level needs they and their children have.

At GraceSon Housing we focus first on meeting the basic physical needs of each teen mom and her child by providing the following:

A safe, secure, and nurturing environment



Other necessities for each mom and child will be provided.


The “Circle of Friends” program seeks to meet the relational needs of each mom and child in a warm family atmosphere of love and sense of belonging.  We will meet these relational needs through the following:

We will provide 24 hour care within the home in the form of house parents.

Our volunteers and staff will seek to build and model healthy relationships with each resident.

We will focus on building and nurturing healthy relationships amongst residents.

Each mom will be provided a mentor/life skills coach.

Each resident will be a part of a teen mom support group through Spokane YoungLives and Life Services.

We will seek to connect residents to local youth group peers, local church families and leaders if they desire and choose to do so.

Spiritual Growth

We call this program “Matters of the Heart.”  GraceSon Housing is a home created to be a safe, healing environment of GRACE to address the spiritual needs of all our residents.  A grace environment allows residents to experience forgiveness and redemption.  They feel safe, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Residents are free to be authentic, admit failure, and celebrate success.  In this environment trust is built.  There is accountability and personal responsibility, yet there is freedom to express doubts, fears and unbelief.  There is no pressure to conform or copy, only freedom to question and learn.  For residents who desire spiritual growth and learning we provide the following:

Bible studies, discussion groups, support groups, classes

Opportunity to connect in a local church, youth group, and with church leadership

Life Skills and Family Living

Our facility is designed in a way to foster learning and growth.  We have planned an environment of family style living, with open concept shared living spaces, while also providing residents individual rooms that allows a feel of independent living.  Both aspects are important to each mom and child, and serves well for meeting program needs.

In this program we call “Everyday Living” we provide opportunities to learn and pursue an education.  Education is emphasized in our home and each resident will be required to pursue some form of education in order to live within the home.  This is one of the most important aspects of growth for young families.  Additional focus areas include the following:

Life skills and independent living training to include:

Nutrition (menu planning, & cooking classes)

Housekeeping and organizing

Money management and budgeting

Health, fitness and hygiene


Each resident will receive training in proper care of infants and children along with encouragement of parent/child bonding and appropriate parenting skills.


Each resident will receive job readiness training, support in pursuit of employment, and career counseling.

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