Volunteer Opportunities with GraceSon Housing Foundation

As a volunteer, you are a difference maker for the young mothers and children living at GraceSon, and the backbone for making this home possible!



  1. Lawn Care (Fall & Spring)
  • Can be done on a one-time basis or ongoing.
  • Includes mowing, trimming, edging, weeding.
  • Early spring and fall includes outside window washing.
  • Lawn equipment provided by GraceSon.
  1. On Call-Winter Snow Removal
    • Can be done on a one-time basis or ongoing.
    • On-going any time snowfall is in excess of two inches.
    • Some shovels provided by GraceSon.
  1. Provide Childcare for residents
  • One-time per month basis to enable residents to serve others in the community.
  1. House Maintenance Projects (As Needed Basis)
  • Organize the garage, fix a fence, plant a garden, plant flowers, etc.
  1. Events
    • Help with the GraceSon Annual Event or a smaller event.
    • Plan an event or fundraiser of your own.
  1. Provide Needed Household Items and/or Groceries
  • Can be done on a one-time basis or ongoing.
  1. Provide Support and Encouragement to Staff
  • Can be done on a one-time basis or ongoing.
  • Prayer, regular notes of encouragement, small gifts


  1. Resident/Houseparent Assistant
  • In home, weekly or bi-weekly position assisting residents and/or houseparent
  1. Mentoring
    • Work one-on-one with one of our residents and her baby as she navigates life challenges.
    • One year commitment, mentor training, monthly teen mom groups.
  1. Child-Care
  • Provide child-care for residents’ babies to enable them to serve in the community each month.
  • One-time per month, approx. 3-4 hours (must successfully complete background check)
  1. Home Maintenance Coordinator
  • Provide general home care including lawn care and simple handy-man projects.
  1. HOPE Program Assistant
  • Provide assistance to the Program team for the development and implementation of the HOPE Program, including case management.
  1. Administrative Volunteer
    • Provide assistance to the Executive Director in a variety of operational tasks.
  1. Volunteer Coordinator
  • Recruit, manage, and coordinate all volunteer activities for GHF.
  • Hours vary but generally 5-15 hours per month.
  1. Donations Coordinator
  • Organize and coordinate the logistics of incoming item donations. Work with local churches and organizations to acquire donations needed within the home.
  • Hours vary but generally 5-10 hours per month.
  1. Communications Coordinator
  • Assist Executive Director in managing and coordinating all aspects of the communication strategy to include online marketing content, newsletters, appeals and any other marketing materials. May include social media.
  • Hours vary and will be coordinated with Executive Director.




Please contact us to learn more or volunteer at GraceSon!